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History of Brown's 
Meet Randy Brown
Owner and Orchard Manager
Randy has been managing the Orchard since 1998 and takes great care to grow only the best apples in the area.

The Best Darn Cider - How it all happened

Once you've had our cider, no other will do!

Brown's started as a family business back in 1933 and had grown into a large commercial apple production site into the 1990's.

Now Brown's focuses on producing great apple varieties many unknown or hard to find but great for eating and baking.  They also make great fresh cider.

As many customers tell us, once they’ve had our sweet apple cider, no other will do. Unlike the very prevalent practice of contracting out to larger more commercial suppliers, we press Brown’s Cider here on site. It is made in small batches using a cider press dating back to the 1930’s.

Randy Brown learned the craft of cider-making from his Grandpap Brown and has continued to hone his skill. Experience has taught him how to select the apple varieties and quantities for each batch to get the taste he’s aiming for, depending on the time of year. Similar to a wine sommelier, he has a knack for creating and blending a cider that always delivers a mouthful of apple goodness even though no two batches are ever exactly alike.


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