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Posted by on November 14, 2017

I start pressing Cider,which feels like, “WAY BACK” in mid September. Only two months but it feels like a lifetime looking back over the hectic rapid fire pace of the season.

Early in the season it was always a struggle to round up enough ripe sweet apples for the sweet component of the early cider. Ergo a more tart early cider. That all changed as the production of the HoneyCrisp increased over the last 15 years. A side Benifit of all the issues and faults growing HoneyCrisp, there are so many sweet apples available for cider early in the pressing season.
The cider starts sweet and just gets sweeter.
About this time of year my taste buds start looking for something more in the cider. I found if I allowed the GrannySmith to ripen on the tree, initially it was discovering the hidden gem that escaped the pickers in early November and having a snack while mowing and tidying the Orchard before winter.
A tree ripe Granny is almost yellow when fully ripe. Almost 30 years ago now I started making a couple small batches of this incredible TART/sweet singe variety cider each year.
Early December is Granny pressing season as well as Pink Lady the newest addition to that unique TART/sweet cider I enjoy and love making.
A foot note to my cider makers. All the TART/sweet ciders: Winesap, GoldRush, GrannySmith and PinkLady are incredible for “Hard” Cider.
I will keep you all posted on the availability of the above mentioned Cider

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