The Apple Harvest is Complete | Brown's Orchard and Cider Co.
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The Apple Harvest is Complete

Posted by on November 14, 2017

THE BAD NEWS: I couldn’t get all the GoldRush picked and into the storage ahead of the recent cold weather that dipped into the high teens. The apples froze on the trees. I’m going to be short of GoldRush to sell in the Market going into December. If you enjoy those Late Keepers don’t wait to long. Stock up for the Winter and Spring with them now.

THE GOOD NEWS: I still picked them and there are even more apples than normal to press into that incredible TART/Sweet single Variety cider that Nancy discovered several years ago while minding the press and sampling the batches. I’ve been making and jugging GoldRush as a varietial ever since. Of all the cider I make ever year, I look forward to this one the most. The GoldRush and WineSap, JR’s personal favorite is being made Wednesday. Give yourself a special treat for Thanksgiving and make a trip out to the farm for some of the best of “The Best Darn Cider”

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