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The 2017 Harvest is approaching.

Posted by on August 12, 2017

The market will be opening for the season Wednesday August the 23 with my first apples ripening. A good crop of Ginger Gold will be picked and ready to eat. That incredible taste and texture is ideal when you wait till that yellow tinge appears. It is not a green apple.
It’s great for snacking, don’t underestimate its versatility for award winning county fair pies and alone or in combination with our Rambo and or our Zeastar it makes a tasty homemade sauce. The Rambo and Zeastar will also be available when I open.

There will be a very limited amount of peaches available when the market opens.

Pease be aware there may be a detour, for bridge rehab, coming from the East on Route 50 near the village of Cecil. The detour is straight forward however the work has been delayed since June so it’s certainly not a given till the signs go up.

No……those are not grapes you see along the road adjacent to the mail pouch barn. The little trees are my latest apple planting. The trees are 4′ apart in the rows and 13′ between rows. This is my closest planting to date. You’ll see a few apples hanging here and there but the real production should start next season. Crazy right. The new varieties , (maybe you’ll discover one you like even better than the HoneyCrisp I’ll get into new varieties later and give you a little description of each one. There are also some varieties in that block I’m sure you will recognize.
The horticultural skills for managing this radically different planting are simple in concept so ask when you’re in to the market. I’d be happy the explain the ins and outs of the tall spindle.

The market hours this year will be tweaked so please make a note. The week day hours will change as well as the weekend hours.
Monday – closed, this will extend the entire season
Tuesday – 10 till 6
Wednesday – 10 till 6
Thursday – 10 till 6
Friday – 10 till 6
Saturday/Sunday – 9 till 7

November 1st the hours will change!!! I will close each day at 5:00 till I close for the season tenitivly Dec 17 but I’ll keep you all posted to any changes to those dates and hours as the season progresses.

CIDER will be available in early September as soon as I’m happy with the quality so stay posted and I’ll let you know when it truly is “The Best Darn Cider”

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