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In The Orchard

A seed, hidden in the heart of an apple, is an orchard invisible.-Welsh Proverb

14 Responses to In The Orchard

  1. Emma Kendziorski

    Hello. I’m wondering if you offer you-pick apples at this time? Thank you.

    • Brown's Orchard

      There are so many calls for PYO I might have to rethink how the concept could work out in the future. A new planting would need to be planned with that specifically in mind at three years from planning to planting and another 3 to 4 to reach production.
      My focus is currently on planting cider and heirloom varities and neither lend themselves to PYO.
      Randy Brown

  2. Stacy

    Do u host events here?

  3. Kelly Mace

    Do you guys allow wedding ceremonies at the orchard?

    • Brown's Orchard

      Not at this time but I’m giving events like that some thought as we plan into the future.

  4. Melissa Burrows

    When will Empire apples be in?

  5. dawn

    When will the apples be available this year? (2016)

    • Brown's Orchard

      Hi Dawn – So sorry for the late reply. We are opening for the season on Thursday, Aug 25. Please note that we will be trying out slightly revised operating hours. We will be CLOSED ON MONDAYS, and OPENED TUESDAY – FRIDAY from 11a.m. until 7p.m. Our weekend hours remain unchanged, SAT and SUNDAY from 10a.m. until 5p.m. Hope this helps.

  6. eileen

    Do you offer field trips of apples being pressed into cider at cider mill?

    • Brown's Orchard

      Unfortuntately, we’re not equipped for large groups in our cider room.

  7. Greg Morrissey

    Is this orchard a (u-pick), or are the apples pre picked for the customer? I’m hoping this to be (u-pick)

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