Apples and Cider availible in the Market October 21&22

New varieties this week

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Local Road Work

The bridge replacement on Southview Road has yet to start. It looks like the repaving of Millers Run Road (Rt 50) is progressing after Columbia Gas replaced its residential lines. You can still expect slight delays traveling from the East for another week.

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Apple Varieties Availlble in the Market October 14&15

The harvest is moving forward between the rain drops. These varieties are new this weekend.
NITTANY: This Apple is one of my favorites, originally selected from a breeding program at WVU to find a more grower friendly replacement for the York Imperial. By a twist of fate Nittany was released by Penn State and not by WVU as the “Mountaineer”
This is a good keeper, sweet with a distinct flavor similar to the York variety, one of its parents. The Nittany is also a superior baking apple with a golden flesh when baked or used for sauce.

MUTSU: a huge green/yellow variety originating in Japan. Growers in New York pushed for a name change years ago to “Americanize” the name so at times you might see it labeled as Crispin.
The complexity of flavors and how they change as the Apple ripens is incredible to experience. The MUTSU is not just for eating. I can think of several customers that buy bushels for making sauce each year.

WINESAP: an heirloom variety dating back to colonial Virginia. After the annual tasting this past spring of my hard cider trails every one wanted to take home the winesap hard cider.
Hard Cider, Baking, Sauce and good tart Apple for eating. This is a taste from the past that has stood the test of time.

Staymen: this hybrid of the Winesap with the latter name used interchangeably with the former at times. A little sweeter, for eating, but unmistakabley in the Winesap family of apples.
For our older customers you’ll recognize this apple. The Staymen trees were planted along Route 50 in 1956. And were long lived. They were so tempting to passing motorists that many went missing before harvest. The original PYO

OTHER VARIETIES: I have sold the last of the Jonamac and GingerGold but everything else is in good supply. Please see the details of all the other varieties availible for sale from last weekends post.

The Braeburn will reappear in the sales room next week for the first time since neighbor Dave “Bud” Herriot declined to extend the leased ground where the Braeburn were planted. A 25 year commitment to lease ground for an Orchard is a long time to see into the future, regardless it left me and ultimately you my customers with out a beloved Apple variety untill the lost trees could be replanted. Just a few apples this season, so get them next weekend while you can, there will be more and more each year as the young trees grow and mature.
The loss of a good neighbor, friend and reliable hand during busy times of the year is sorely missed.
Also still yet to be picked near the end of October: GoldRush, Fuji, Granny Smith, PinkLady, Rome, Enterprise, EverCrisp and SunCrisp. So stay tuned next week!!!

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Apples and Cider at the Apple Festival

Although a participant at the beginning, supplying both apple and cider, I have not sold either apples or cider to the firemen for nearly 20 years.
I wish them well and recognize all the hard work that goes into staging such a successful event every year. The VFD plays a vital role in the community and I am humbled to see what the Festival has become since it’s inception. That said if you want my apples and my cider you will have to visit the farm this weekend. Please see the preceding posts for availiblity over this weekend.

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Apple Varieties Availible in the Market this Weekend

First what new apples are in the market this weekend!!!
Northern Spy – This heirloom variety is so large this year I believe you could make a small pie out of each one.

Macoun – If you grew up in New England you know this Apple and have been waiting for it all season. Bonnie the Macouns are ready!!!!! Many of you will remember Bonnie fondly. She graced the sales room for a number of years and always kept me on my toes. The Macouns are her favorite. Ask for a taste when you are at the market.

Melrose – Ohio has a favorite “son” too. This apple a result of a breeding program at Ohio State’s Wooster Experement Station. With parents as diverse as Jonathan x Red Delicious any thing could result. This is one of my favorites for baking. The aroma draws you into the Kitchen. It is hard with a tart like a Jonathan but sweeter however you would never guess Red Delicious was in it’s “family tree”

Spartan – This McIntosh hybrid is in very limited supply this year. Ask for it if you know or want to try this apple. It will be out of sight in the cooler. Before the Gala and HoneyCrisp came along the Spartan was the sweet base in my early cider until the Red and Golden Delicious were ripe enough to use.

Crimson Crisp ***** Five out of five stars for this new variety. This is my third year of offering this variety and as production increases so do the sales. It will keep well into the early winter. This apple is hard and with an intense apple flavor. This is a must try when you walk into the sales room. Shockingly there have been days this week it has out sold the HoneyCrisp.

Red Delicious – there is a reason why so many Red Delicious were once grown. They can be very good if picked and handled properly. Come now and try one at its peak flavor.

A wrap up of the other varieties availible are as follows.
Out for the season
– Zestar
– AutumnCrisp
Going fast likely the last weekend
-Ginger Gold
Still in good supply
Golden Delicious
Stay Tuned for Next Weekend Maybe but not promising

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The “Best Darn Cider has just gotten Better

If you haven’t had a jug of cider this year, come taste the difference UV Treatment ( now the equal to pasteurizing in the eyes of the government regulators) makes in the taste of my cider. I can’t believe it’s not coming right off the press.
The stellar growing season is allowing me to make several varietal (i.e. Single variety) pressings.
I made the Golden Delicious today and it’s never been so sweet, if you have never had a chance to taste this flagship varietal of mine please ask for a sample. With a crop hit by hail 30 years ago I decided to take public what my grandfather and I would steal away from the press for the dinner table. An ample supply would also always end up in the freezer for the rest of the year.
Yes Nancy you can freeze my cider, just remember to remove 10% to allow for freezing and when you thaw it don’t get to excited for a taste. Let the cider thaw completely and give it a good shake because the sweet essence separates and sinks to the bottom as it thaws

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Weekend of Oct 7-8

The weekend for the Apple Festival in Hickory is here again. The Volunter firemen and the community at large have been preparing for a large crowd. Let’s hope the beautiful fall weather holds for two more days and they can dodge the rain that’s coming this weekend .

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Weekend of Sept30 and Oct1

The weekend is approaching quickly, as well as cooler weather to finish ripening some of the mid season varieties.
The first of the JonaGold and Empire are being picked and ready for sale along with the Golden Delicous that were picked earlier in he week.
I’m going to “go out on a limb” and say the Macon will be ready by midweek coming and Red Delicious by next weekend.
The “best darn cider” is being made weekly. I’ve not been able to make extra to freeze as anticipated, although to date I haven’t run out on any given day since the first weekend it was for sale.
I anticipate making several single variety ciders this year so I’ll keep you “posted” when that becomes a reality. The apples for the often asked for “Pure Golden Delicous” and “Late Harvest Jonathan” are set aside and ripening. If they are not needed in the blend they will be available solo in the near future.
An update on the detour mentioned in an eariler post, the signs have not been uncovered yet. Hope to see some of you soon.
Randy Brown
Hours of Operation
Sat/Sun 9 till 5
Monday Closed
Tuesday – Friday: 10 till 6

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Support Real Craft Cider

Before a drop of cider hit the market Saturday Steve Sloan from Roundabout Brewery was adding yeast to ferment a custom blend of “juice” (most of the world calls cider apple juice and hard cider is just cider).
Steve loves cider, possibly even more than some of the fine beer he makes.
Stop in and talk Cider and taste real craft cider made with local apples at his Lawrenceville Microbrewery.
By mid October the cider will be on draft at 49001 Butler Street.
The press of Zestar and GingerGold juice for Steve (Roundabout Brewery) includes my first English and French bittersharps,and bittersweets from the newly planted trees along Route 50.
As the production ramps up in the next two years their impact on the cider both fresh and fermented will be apparent on everyones palate.
Much more in the future on craft cider as I’m get more involved in what feels for me a natural business progression using my knowledge of 40 years growing apples and making cider both fresh and fermented.
I special thanks to my friends and neighbors Paul and Marilyn. Paul loved English Cider so 40 years ago almost to the week we pressed my Grandfathers Wickson crab apples to fill a keg for cider. We drank most of it that winter to Marilyn’s dismay. Thank You for giving me a glimpse of the future that Craft Cider is becoming.

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